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Sourcing on social networks + exclusive online event = the magic formula of OneDayWith!

Searching for candidates where they can be found - in other words, social media and specialised databases - is vital these days. Inviting them to an online event to offer them exclusive content is an excellent idea for increasing the attractiveness and appeal of your employer brand. Combining the efficiency of social network sourcing with the impact of a unique event reserved for your target candidates? Stop dream no more, adopt One- DayWith! In one sentence, OneDayWith is the combination of online events and highly targeted sourcing of candidates anywhere in the world at any time of the year. The service philosophy is the following: Historically, it has never been easier as it is today for a company to get in touch with candidates that it wants to recruit. LinkedIn has 350 million people and there are many online channels of communication to identify specific profiles. Theoretically, a company is simply a click away from the candidate that it wants to recruit. This constitutes a revolution in the market as the paradigm recruitment has shifted from “Where are the candidates?” to “How do we convince them to join a business?” The added value of headhunting firms has been significantly reduced.

However, there are two difficulties with this shift: 1. It takes time on the web to identify the good candidates 2. Once identified, it is difficult to get them to apply Moreover, when communicating to recruit on the Internet, companies do it via corporate marketing: ‘Who are we? Our values, our figures, our offices, our history,....’ conveys the same message regardless of the profile of the candidates being sought and the country for which they are recruited. However, candidates on the Internet today want the exact opposite of this. They do not want corporate marketing. They want transparency (‘what is the work like in this company, at this place, in this job?’) and interaction (with their future colleagues or manager). Based on these findings, Careers International has developed OneDayWith, a platform that makes it simple to organise online events on topics of interest to candidates. Each event consists of two parts: an online presentation (prerecord- ed in the form of a video or powerPoint) and a live chat session (in voice or video chat). Example: an automotive company X wants to recruit electrical engineers because the electric car is the future of the industry. Company X identifies electrical engineers and sends job postings. Who applies? Either the candidates in whom company X has an interest, or the candidates who are searching for a job. What OneDayWith offers to company X, is to contact the same candidates - that is to say, electrical engineers - but instead of just telling them, ‘Company X wants to recruit you,’ tell them: we saw your profile; it is superb. The head of R&D at Company X would like to invite you to an exclusive event on “The future of the electric car.” The candidate clicks on the link that is sent, arrives on the OneDayWith platform, registers, participates in the event and is then integrated into the company’s recruitment process. OneDayWith will activate the socalled ‘passive jobseekers’. In less than three years, we have done more than 100 projects around the world, for all kinds of profiles of candidates and companies and each time we were able to present our clients with very good candidates who would not have applied to them spontaneously. We did very local and very international projects, for candidates with up to fifteen years of experience or who were in the final year of their studies or even in their penultimate year. OneDayWith addresses both large multinational companies with a strong brand or ‘hidden champions’ ie companies with a weaker brand but great people and expertise.

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