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Inplace: the site about the Atmosphere in Companies for a new Generation of Job Applicants

The modern world is constantly changing, people are changing as well as their attitude to work and choice of employer. Not so long ago most employees were interested mostly in the size of salary for an offered position and in rare cases in the name of a company. But for today’s generation of jobseekers team and atmosphere in which they will work are of crucial importance. That is how we, employer-branding agency makelove, realized that the relationship between employees and employers will never be the same again. One day we were visited by a friend who was in search of work. He told us that during one of the interviews, or rather before the interview, he became an eyewitness of a quarrel between two employees of the company, and it became clear for him that no amount of money is worth spending most of the day in the office where the whole open-space is filled with tension and the staff bring aggression from home in their portfolios. Without even waiting for the meet- ing with a recruiter, our friend left the office of the company, never to come back. This story was a hint for us that to- day people do not want to compro- mise and sacrifice comfort for the sake of a small increase in salary or long time career prospects. We realized that job search criteria have changed. And we also became aware of the fact that the market needs a media product which will honestly tell new applicants about atmosphere and culture in offices. And so we created a website which shows atmosphere inside a company, life in a team and relations between employees at work and after it. Only this and nothing more: your locations, annual revenue or mission of a company are not to find. Inplace informs applicants how, where and whom they will be spending most of the day with in an honest and interesting way, using photos, videos and short interviews with the current employees of a potential employer. The format of profiles (these are separate pages on the website devoted to specific employers) has been carefully thought through, gradually discarding everything unnecessary: so now we can say that they are really concise and informative. All the materials are created by a professional journalistic team. It helps to have a look at the company from the outside and see all truly existing strengths of the employer. And thus we achieve uniformity of the content on our site so that the visitors can easily compare atmosphere in each company and choose their dream job. You may ask why an HR cannot provide a description of atmosphere himself. Here is a great analogy to answer this question. Imagine an automaker that is to advertise his own cars. Of course, he creates advertising for his cars, but it is well-known that advertising exists in order to highlight all the good and not to talk about the bad. Certainly some enthusiasts discuss the cars on forums: but more often than not only those with negative feedback come there, because a satisfied owner of a car does not want to spend time discussing. Also there are car magazines which test and describe cars objectively, showing their strengths and weaknesses. Let us decipher: advertising is company’s own media (everyone understands that on a career website only good things about an employer will be written). Forums about employers collect only the negative. That is why a new independent player appeared on the market, he meets with companies and displays them as objectively as possible so that applicants can easily choose one. This is Inplace. My colleague, the commercial director of makelove, Irakly Margania was one of those who invented Inplace. Here is what he says about the project: «The market is full of reports about the offices of companies, but our aim was to penetrate into the essence, show the soul of a company, its main value. The experience in creating brands was of great help: we knew for sure that one photo session will not be enough, that a real investigation should be carried out. So we came up with an algorithm of company’s profile development and now pass it on as a know-how of our franchise». Today the project is launched in several European countries as it has no analogues in Europe: our colleagues are investigating atmosphere in the employers’ offices in Minsk, Riga, Rome, Paris. And the opportunity to compare the atmosphere not only in Russian companies, but also in offices across Europe will become real very soon.

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